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We are the suppliers of choice for major brands and bottling halls. Our premier bottle sealing wax wax is malleable so does not crack or crumble.


The wax is supplied world wide and is suited to hot and cold climates, with no issues reported in extreme environmental temperatures. Our clients regularly carry out there own transit trials, with no adverse reports on the bottle dipping wax.

Our wax has in the past been used by royalty with wax seals, using a wax stamp to produce wax seals  for the invites to the annual royal garden party at Buckingham Palace.

Our dipping wax is also found on some of the most expensive whisky bottles including Special Release bottles of the Glenfiddich 50 Year Old, The Macallan in Lalique, The Ardbeg and many more.

We also supply the dipping wax to a number of major brands around the world and have clients across Europe, South America, The Indian Ocean and the Carribean.

We also manufacture wax cartouches and wax seals. The wax seal can be applied to many materials including cord, tear strips, and decorative ribbon to name a few. We also have self adhesive wax seals that can be applied to glass, wood. leather boxes, and the list goes on only limited by the imagination. 

The wax seals are made in a non malleable hard wax blend so that they are robust, giving a long lasting finish that will not lose distinction over time.

Although most of our clients are in the drinks industry, we have also supplied to perfumeries, artisan vinaigrettes and oil manufacturers and more.

Bottledip and seal wax samples are available from our shop.

Bottle wax adds a luxurious touch to the finished products, add the ribbon tear strip and a seal stamp on the bottle top or on the glass or packaging to finish off the entire look of your packaged products.

We take influences from our clients and develop our products to the clients needs. It was the influence of our clients that led to the investment of our tear strip ribbon facility.